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Dreamers Magazine Issue 15 Now Available

Announcing Dreamers Magazine Issue 15…

Within the pages of Dreamers Magazine Issue 15, immerse yourself in a rich collection that speaks deeply to the heart. This edition boasts a treasury of 12 heartfelt poems, 5 engaging fiction stories, 1 autofiction story, 3 thought-provoking nonfiction pieces, and 1 insightful book review, providing an enriching literary experience.

Dreamers Magazine Issue 15 Cover

In this issue, find the amazing winning haiku of our 2023 Haiku Contest. Congratulations to K.L. Johnston who secures the top honour with two haiku that capture the beauty of fleeting moments.

Don’t miss the evocative journey that unfolds starting on page 8 in “Between The Blinds,” a captivating fiction tale penned by the talented Nicole Rashter. It follows a man’s poignant quest for solace and connection after a profound personal loss, as he gazes beyond his window into a world where he no longer belongs.

Issue 15 features:
  • The brilliant winners of the 2023 Haiku Contest
  • A discerning book review of Ellen Keith’s fictional masterpiece, The Dutch Orphan
  • Nicole Rashter’s enthralling fiction story, “Between The Blinds”
  • A carefully curated selection of 20+ heartfelt poems and stories that will touch your soul.

Dreamers is a heartfelt literary organization and writers retreat near Sauble Beach, Ontario, Canada. Our magazine is published tri-annually and sent to hundreds of subscribers across North America and Europe.

How to Get Issue 15 of the Dreamers Magazine

Are you a Dreamers magazine subscriber yet? Subscribe once and your magazines will just keep coming and coming and coming! You can also buy just Dreamers Magazine Issue 15 on its own. We have digital editions and print editions available. *The print edition is only available while supplies last!

Don’t wait, order today before we run out of copies forever…

*If you decide to make a purchase, then on behalf of the Dreamers team, thank you!

Enjoy issue 15, and remember, keep dreaming!