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Issue 11 of the Dreamers Magazine is now available!

This issue of the Dreamers Magazine includes so much great content! It features:

  • David Warriner’s nonfiction story, “Alice n’Lobsterland”, in which a boy comes to realize how powerless he is in a world beyond his control.
  • Melissa Kuipers’ nonfiction story, “The Joy of Anticipation.” Are you future phobic? How anticipating the future brings joy in the present…
  • The winner of the 2022 Dreamers Place & Home Contest, 6 nonfiction stories, 1 fiction story, 6 poems, and a book review.
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We are open year-round for writing submissions.

We’re looking for short stories, poems, personal essays or excerpts from any genre. We’ll consider any writing that is well-written and from the heart.

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