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2023 Haiku Contest – The Winners!

2023 Haiku Contest Results

Congratulations to the winners of the Dreamers 2023 Haiku Contest!

2022 Haiku Contest

Each year, the list of submissions to our Haiku Contest grows longer, making the task of selecting the winners increasingly challenging. This year, we’ve chosen a first-place winner whose two haikus secured the top spot, as well as a second and a third place winner, and an honourable mention from the pool of exceptional entries.

Once again, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to our esteemed guest judge, Dr. Reinekke Lengelle. Dr. Lengelle, an Assistant Professor at Athabasca University, imparts her expertise through courses such as “Writing the Self” and “Narrative Possibilities.” As an accomplished poet and the acclaimed author of Writing the Self in Bereavement, she has faithfully served as our contest judge since its inception. Thank you, Reinekke!

Our appreciation also goes out to all participants who submitted their work. We eagerly anticipate the haiku that 2024 will bring. And now, without further delay, let’s unveil the winning entries of 2023!


day off

by K.L. Johnston

this book, some bug spray
comfortable bench in the shade
worlds overlapping

storm wash

by K.L. Johnston

new light reflecting
on ebb tide, storm wrack, pale foam
peace washing ashore


Riding Coach, Amtrak
(the Lake Shore Limited)

by Marta Holliday

We gaze, zone out, read.
Boxed dinners, cards, Ipod beats
Our lives intersect.


Dew Cocktails

by M. Lynne Squires

maple leaves curled
into veined orange goblets
holding dew cocktails


Fragile Dismantling

by C.X. Turner

dandelion clock—
the fragile dismantling
one puff at a time

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