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5 Free Writing Tools for Creative Writers

5 Free Online Writing Tools for Creative Writers
5 Free Writing Tools for Creative Writers Infographic

It seems like there are hundreds of free writing tools out there in the ether. How do you decide?

Start with the ones used by the staff at Dreamers!

Here are our favourite free writing tools to get you started.

Hemingway App

Check your text for passive voice, excessive use of adverbs, options for simpler phrasing, and readability.

This app is super easy. Just copy your text into the dialogue box in the centre of the screen. You’ll see a readability score and colour coding with options for improvement.

There’s also a paid desktop version that offers a few additional features, like integration with WordPress and Microsoft Word.

Canlit Generator

Stuck? Get a story premise to get you going again. Click again and again and read them all. Some of the story premises are funny, some are sad, some are ridiculous, but all are awesome.

 “A weeping logger breaks into a cottage in the Muskokas, after being blinded by smoke from a wildfire.”


“A woman and her dog visit a dilapidated farmhouse on the prairies hoping to finally and for good reunite Alexisonfire.”


“Three undergraduates from diverse backgrounds tersely write Laura Secord erotic fan-fiction but also, one of them is a robot.”

Power Thesaurus

Need a better word? The power thesaurus has more alternatives than you can imagine!

“What does a thesaurus eat for breakfast? A synonym roll!”


A very thorough proofreading tool that even checks for awkward sentences! You just add it to Chrome and then whenever you’re writing online, it points out your errors so you can correct them. Pretty simple!


Make your computer display adapt to the time of day. During the day, your computer glows like the sun, but at night, the glow is toned way down. This is much healthier for your eyes and your sleep cycles.



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*Article published on February 24, 2018.