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Abiola Regan Poetry Collection

Abiola Regan Poetry Collection

– Poetry by Abiola Regan –

Abiola Regan

Become An Island

Kept from
you, hidden
from view. So
I keep docking at
the same port of hurt.
Surprised by the power
of each wave, tears readily
spring forth. Maybe it’s time to
become an island. Construct some
walls, be impenetrable. Bloodlines do
not grant you the right to admission. Tap
at the entry, but do not knock my self-worth.
Empty words spoken. Emptier promises broken.
Little things, tiny things, are now the anchor of things.
Rocking then capsizing, pushed out to sea. Adrift from the
center of my own story. Treading water, at best. Marooned, at
worst. Hoping to chart a smoother course, but you give me nothing,
not a lifeboat in sight. You remain remote, leaving me unmoored, isolated.
Willing me
to wash
But I am trying to come home, trying to remain
present. Trying to become something stronger.
Maybe what I should become is that island.
Hidden on maps. Make it unreachable,
except by way of personal invitation.
Sorry, yours was lost in the mail.


I put myself out on a limb.
You nonchalantly snapped the branch.
I offered you my new beginning.
You stayed stuck in your old ways.
I needed a resounding yes.
You thought nothing of saying no.
I asked you to show up for me.
You said you could not do it.
I begged and pleaded then begged again.
You remained steadfastly unaffected.
I put my heart on display for all to see.
You told me not to take it personally.
I am looking for wedded bliss.
You divorce yourself from me.
I demand to know why.
You change the subject.
I want to scream.
You sit in silence.
I am hurt. You are oblivious.
I am crestfallen. You are absent.
I call to say goodbye to you.
You don’t pick up the phone.

Back & Forth

One last time
Eyes turned away
He caught my hand
Suspended in the air
Beginnings of words
Ended before they formed
Leaving me hollow inside
If we had been fairy tales

Not sandcastle dreams

If we had been fairy tales
Leaving me hollow inside
Ended before they formed
Beginnings of words
Suspended in the air
He caught my hand
Eyes turned away
One last time

About the Author – Abiola Regan

Abiola Regan primarily writes poetry and fiction. She enjoys using her academic background in psychology and love of pop culture to explore relationship dynamics in all of their messy, joyful, complicated forms. Her writing has appeared in Sledgehammer, Haunted Waters Press, CBC Life, The Capilano Review, and more.

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