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Explore our charming bunkies, cozy prospector tents, and inviting studio apartment for a delightful range of accommodations at the Dreamers Writing Farm.

The owners have curated an incredible experience here. Above and beyond my expectations. If you are a lover of travel and seeing the small beauties, you’ll feel the magic here. Sad we could only stay a night. Thanks for sharing this place. And the secret garden!

~ Amy Tobin, Summer 2023

Dreamers Accommodations

Dreamers Studio at the Dreamers Writing Farm
Dreamers Studio

Exquisite and highly-rated, this charming studio apartment offers everything you need for a delightful stay.

Atwood Bunkie at the Dreamers Writing Farm
Atwood Bunkie

Experience the perfect harmony of modern comfort and rustic charm in our cozy Atwood glamping bunkie.

Brand Tent
Brand Tent

Our charming Brand glamping tent, named after the renowned Canadian author Dionne Brand, awaits your arrival.

Cohen Tent
Cohen Tent

Embrace the allure of nature and find tranquility in the simple elegance of our Cohen glamping tent.

Munro Bunkie - Dreamers Accommodations
Munro Bunkie

Retreat to the cozy Munro glamping bunkie, named for the renowned Canadian author, Alice Munro.

Wagamese Bunkie - Dreamers Accommodations
Wagamese Bunkie

Step into the delightful Wagamese glamping bunkie, a tribute to the celebrated Canadian author, Richard Wagamese.

Property Features and Amenities

During your stay in one of our Dreamers accommodations, visit our Secret Garden in the woods, experience a shower under the stars, enjoy our outdoor kitchenette, or hang out with our Three Little Pigs, and our dwarf goats, the Brothers Grimm.

Dwarf Goats & Mini Pigs

At the Dreamers Writing Farm, experience the heartwarming company of our mini pigs and Nigerian dwarf goats, residing in a large paddock at the back of our property. Meet The Brothers Grimm, a group of playful goats named Gus, Gunther, Griffin, Harry Potter, and Huckleberry Finn, inspired by the Brothers Grimm fairytales. Alongside them our three little pigs embody the beloved folktale, “The Three Little Pigs.” Our pigs go by the delightful names Cinnamon, Sugar, and Cocoa, earning them the endearing nickname “The Spice Girls.”

Hand-tamed and ever-friendly, these adorable animals adore human interaction and eagerly welcome pets and scratches. While they may vocalize their enthusiasm for dinner in the evenings, they soon settle down contently after being fed. Embrace the magic of these delightful companions, as they add a touch of whimsy to your Dreamers experience.

This was out second time staying at Dreamers and plan to make it a regular summer stay. The goats are so friendly and entertaining when we’re sitting outside. We love the location and can’t wait to come back!

~ Heather Neiser

Highly recommend. Check in was really easy. It was really clean and the bed was amazingly comfortable. The goats and pigs were so friendly. The location was close to Sauble Beach, but felt really private and secluded. Thank you Kat. Will definitely visit again in the future.

~ Jen Arthurs

Outdoor Kitchenette

Discover the convenience of our Outdoor Kitchenette at the Dreamers Writing Farm. In our small tuck shop, find an array of snacks for purchase. Propane, charcoal, and firewood are also available for sale. We offer a selection of BBQs – charcoal, propane, and electric – along with a microwave, kettle, and Keurig, making outdoor cooking a breeze. A garden sink will soon be added for added convenience. For storing food, we recommend tent and bunkie guests bring a cooler, as fridges are not provided except in our Dreamers Studio accommodation. Complimentary coffee and tea are both available, along with milk, cream, sugar, and sweetener. We offer coffee cups and BBQ utensils, but ask that guests bring their own cookware and dishware. And of course, all water at Dreamers is potable, ensuring your well-being during your stay. After you’ve unleashed your culinary creativity, enjoy your meal at the patio table under the covered kitchenette gazebo or at the picnic tables near your accommodation.

This spot was perfect! Very close to Sauble Beach, Tim hortons, and 1 hr drive to Tobermory! The property was maintained very well. Clean bathrooms, clean linen and a nice little outdoor kitchen. I would highly recommend this place to stay!

~ Jodie Hart

Outdoor Washroom Facilities

Indulge in the serenity of nature with our unique Outdoor Washroom Facilities at the Dreamers Writing Farm. Embrace the ultimate relaxation with our spa-like open-air hot shower, where you can bask under the twinkling night sky while cleansing your cares away. Our thoughtfully designed amenities also include a compost toilet with a French drain, discreetly housed in an Amish-built outhouse, ensuring eco-conscious practices. Wash your hands at the sink with running water, and rest assured that all water at our farm is potable, maintaining a commitment to your comfort and well-being.

Nestled between two majestic pine trees, these facilities offer unparalleled privacy, allowing you to reconnect with nature and find inspiration. To enhance your experience, we provide complimentary soap for your convenience. As a shared feature, it is available for use by all guests. Revel in the harmony of the outdoors while enjoying the comfort and convenience of our well-appointed Outdoor Washroom Facilities.

We loved our stay at Dreamers Writing Farm! Check in was easy. Our bunkie was clean and just what we needed. The washroom was clean and the outdoor shower was lovely. If we needed anything extra we were able to find it on site. The property is beautiful and about a 10 minute drive to sauble beach ! The goats and pigs were cute too ! We will definitely be returning!

~ Holly Dale

We had a very nice stay. Everything you see in the pictures is exactly what you get. The bed was very comfortable and everything was very clean. The goat’s and pig’s were fun to visit and the outdoor shower rocked.

~ Kelly Ryan

Secret Garden

Enchantment meets literature in our captivating Secret Garden nestled within the 3-acre woods of the Dreamers Writing Farm. Inspired by the timeless tale of The Secret Garden and the magical realms of Narnia, this literary-themed oasis beckons you to step through a door nestled between two ancient trees, reminiscent of Narnia’s passage. Once inside, you’ll discover a lamppost illuminating the woods, just like in the cherished book series.

Adding to the garden’s unique charm, a Phone of the Wind awaits, offering solace and connection, much like the one that emerged after the Japan Tsunami. Surrounded by vibrant flowers, elegant hostas, and enchanting swamp roses, the garden boasts ornamental trees, a concrete garden bench, and a wide hammock for serene relaxation. Various delightful garden displays are scattered throughout, inviting contemplation and creativity. Accessible via a well-marked path that commences with a signpost featuring literary destinations, including a prominent marker for the Secret Garden itself, this idyllic sanctuary awaits to inspire your imagination and writing endeavors.

My partner and I had the pleasure of staying at Kat’s for a couple of days. Everything was as advertised, and we especially loved the little farm and the secret garden walk. So much magic! We’d definitely come back 🙂

~ Daniella Khayutin

Avalon Marsh

Welcome to “Avalon Marsh,” the enchanting marsh at the Dreamers Writing Farm, nestled at the back of our property near the Dreamers Studio and the animal paddock. In the spring, this magical oasis comes alive with tadpoles, transforming into green frogs that seem straight out of a fairytale. We’ve searched for the elusive frog prince, but alas, no luck yet! Amidst the towering evergreens that encircle the marsh, find serenity on the dock or relax on the inviting Adirondack chairs, immersing yourself in the beauty of nature. As an added surprise, this marsh is also home to a majestic beaver, adding to the sense of wonder and enchantment. Follow the Dream Path to discover this hidden gem, and immerse yourself in the tranquility of Avalon Marsh, a perfect place to experience the beauty of the wild.

A great nature spot, lots of birds, red squirrels, bunnies, goats. Close to the beach, grocery, gas, golfing, Tim Hortons. Convenient location, cute tiny houses, and property is kept clean, regularly serviced washrooms, indoor and outdoor shower, and coffee. Everything you need for a stress-free getaway.

~ Margarita Tcharnolousskaia

Indoor Washroom Facilities

At the Dreamers Writing Farm, we prioritize your comfort and convenience, and our Indoor Washroom Facilities reflect just that. Step into our well-appointed indoor washroom, featuring a hot shower, utility sink, and modern flush toilet. With towels thoughtfully provided for your use, you can feel right at home during your stay. This shared amenity is available for all guests to enjoy. As with all amenities on our property, you can trust that the water is potable. Experience the perfect blend of modern convenience and warm hospitality within our Indoor Washroom Facilities, designed to make your stay at Dreamers an exceptional one.

We had such a great time at Kat and Ryan’s place. The bunkies are so cute and well decorated. You have everything you need here. They added electrical power to the bunkies this year, and an indoor toilet & shower to the premises. Highly recommended staying here. The hosts are friendly and accommodating. It’s also close to Sauble Beach and Wiarton.

~ Patricia Stephen

Explore our captivating property surrounding the Dreamers accommodations.

Brothers Grimm

Outdoor Kitchen

Communal Firepit


Compost Toilet

Open-Air Shower

Phone of the Wind

Door to Narnia

Secret Garden

Dream Path

Avalon Marsh

Frog Prince

Indoor Washroom


Utility sink

Studio Interior

Bunkie Interior

Tent Interior

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About us

At the Dreamers Writing Farm, we offer writing retreats, self-directed residencies, writing workshops, and literary-themed general accommodations. During your stay, visit the Secret Garden in the woods, attend a healing writing workshop in the Dreamers Studio, or hang out with our Nigerian dwarf goats, the Brothers and our three little pigs, the Spice Girls.

The Dreamers Writing Farm is located in Hepworth, Ontario, Canada, just minutes from multiple Bruce Trail access points.

We’re only 10 min from Sauble Beach, one of the longest freshwater beaches in Canada, and 7 min from Wiarton, famous for the weather predicting groundhog, Wiarton Willy. We’re also just down the road from an ATV access point, seconds from an OFSC snowmobile trail, minutes from the Sawmill Nordic Centre where you can cross-country ski or snowshoe, and we border the Northern Dunes Golf Club. 

There’s no better place for your glamping adventures!


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