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Online Ads
Ad size, location, duration Cost
Homepage Ad, 728×100, 1 month $200
Homepage Ad, 728×100, 3 months $500
Rectangle Ad, Right of Articles, 300×400, 1 month $175
Rectangle Ad, Right of Articles, 300×400, 3 months $450
Advertorial, 300 to 500 word article, content must be relevant to the website theme and approved prior to posting by Dreamers Editor-in-Chief. $500

Advertise with Dreamers

Advertise with Dreamers

eNewsletter Ads
Ad Style Cost
Text Ad – Promoting Advertorial
*Available in combination with the online advertorial option only.
eNewsletter Banner Ad, 800×200 (but will be mobile optimized). $200

*Newsletter sent monthly. Only one ad placement per newsletter available.

Print Ads – Dreamers Digest

Dreamers publishes a yearly digest of the “best-of” from our website. Our first print digest is due out in September 2018.

We offer limited ad placements in this print publication. Don’t miss your chance to advertising in our inaugural print publication!

Ad Size Cost

# Available

Back Cover, Colour $1000


Back Cover, Black and White $850
Full Page, Colour $750


Full Page, Black and White $650
Half Page, Colour $450


Half Page, Black and White $375
Quarter Page, Colour $300


Quarter Page, Black and White $250
Eighth Page, Colour $200


Eighth Page, Black and White $150

*Maximum total of 3 interior pages of ads in any configuration per issue.

Advertise with Dreamers

To reserve your space, contact