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Melrose Place

– Poetry by Alan Semrow –

I’ve walked by the opening now
Defined by prime
My prime
My best, my past

There in, lived four people
My people
Chosen family
Wine-soaked nights
Diatribes about boyfriends
About work, too

Most weeks now, I spend by myself
Thinking about days
Where something about timing brought us all together
In harmony, in love
Though all things end
Even if it’s lightning in a bottle

Now, I can’t find them
They’re gone, but still here
And the endless search for what was
For what I hated sometimes, too
The cycle continues on
My flash in the pan no more

And here I am now
My present is my future.

About the Author – Alan Semrow
Alan Semrow

Alan Semrow’s fiction, nonfiction, and poetry has been featured in over 30 publications. Semrow’s debut short story collection, Briefs (Lethe Press), was published in 2016. His second book, an epistolary memoir called Ripe, was released in 2018. Previously, he was a monthly contributor at Chosen Magazine, the Fiction Editor for Black Heart Magazine, and a Guest Fiction Editor for the Summer Issue of Five Quarterly. Semrow lives in Denver, CO. Website: Insta handle: @alansemrow

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