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curled into sorts.

curled into sorts.

– Poetry by Alexandra Mendoza Routt –


a darkening sky
feeds on a bloodied woman
dawn beckons freedom

{The women who were killed are Melissa Ramirez, Guiselda Alicia Cantu, Claudine Luera and Humberto “Janelle” Ortiz.} NPR, January 11th, 2019


lungs hanging on noose
in the sterilized room a
soul ravages the walls

{A Honduran man who was separated from his family after he had crossed the United States border into Texas with them last month strangled himself in his holding cell, according to Customs and Border Protection officials, public records and media reports.} The New York Times, June 10th, 2018


i, too, collapse here
bent inward like a child’s roar
facing my dead womb

{The trauma experienced in isolation and being kept away from their parents could cause “changes in physiology that promote physical and mental illness throughout the life course.”} Bustle, July 11th, 2018

Alexandra Mendoza Routt
About the Author – Alexandra Mendoza Routt

Alexandra Mendoza Routt holds an MFA in creative writing from The New School and is a native of Miami, Fl. Alexandra’s poetry focuses on life growing up in Miami and Immokalee, Fl. Alexandra’s work can be seen in Streetlight Magazine and currently on exhibit at Bakehouse Art Complex.

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