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Rainlight, No Last Words

Rainlight, No Last Words

– Poetry by Anastasia Levant – July 8, 2018 – 

rainy day, woman on bridge

rainlight, riversmoke

silver-singed edge of day.

running, out of air, to the bridge –

the river outlasts you,

the same colour as the smoke,

the colour of rain against a white sky,

the colour of bones at dusk.

chalk-blue flowers, a coat

that isn’t black enough, not for this.

i was coming to meet you.  was.

but lost things end up in the river,

silhouettes fade to smoke,

disappear into dusk, it’s

coming to meet me, walking,

out of breath.  isn’t it always

flowing, floating,

out of reach,

out of time.


man smoking black and white
no last words

this is where i laid you to rest

no gravestone, no graveyard

no goodbyes.         i never left flowers

but i saw roses, vibrant swirls,

curling out of your dead eyes.

bloodless, beneath branches turned black

you left only ashes.

i still smell smoke on my clothes.

you do not live between my ribs


when i first met you,

you were dressed in your best clothes

these days i see you walking the streets

heart shrivelled inside a blackened chest

a skeletal hand holding a cigarette

smoke circling like a halo

all your deeds littered behind you.

the undead don’t get

last words.


Artist Statement – Anastasia Levant

I am continously inspired by rainy days. For me, they are a time of renewal and reflection, and I wrote the beginning of “Rainlight” while walking by the river during a light rain shower and reflecting on the things I have lost and the things I’ve had to let go of. There have been many changes in my life the last few years, and I was feeling wistful for what is gone, but also realizing what has changed for the better, and yearning for what is next in life.


“No Last Words” came from mediations on past relationships that ended in hurt. Writing about painful experiences helps me to work through the complex emotions, lay the anger to rest, and move on. Through writing, I can find something good to take from the bad situations. Writing brings me a release and helps me to grow through every experience.


Anastasia LevantAbout the Author – Anastasia Levant

Anastasia Levant lives in Penticton, B.C., Canada. She is working towards her BA in English through Thompson Rivers University’s Open Learning Program. She has enjoyed writing from a young age and wants to continue to grow and improve as a writer.




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