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The Roach

“I stare at the cockroach and am sure that it is my father. It’s got the same shifty eyes that he has – well, had.”

Cecily Ross Poetry Collection

“Still as a rock. Another shadow thundered over, And another and another until the very earth quaked.”

94 Timeless Love Poems for Every Heart

This collection of love poems spans a wide range of styles and periods, reflecting the diverse ways love has been contemplated and celebrated through the ages.

The Question Remains

“It’s always nice when the choices work for you. Yet, it’s still a bit of a Goldilocks quandary, now, isn’t it?”

Exploring Character Archetypes in Storytelling

In this article, we’re exploring character archetypes and their role in storytelling, with definitions, examples, and ways writers can rejuvenate these timeless templates to captivate modern audiences.

Homemade Insanity

Homemade Insanity

“My sweet, forbidden, secret recipe. Doctors will call you bipolar disorder, but to me, you are life itself.”

On The Advice of the Bicycle Man

“His voice sounded barely louder than the swoosh of the passing cars, out of practice, a rough whisper.”

Writing Craft: Simple Steps to Improve

This comprehensive guide offers valuable insights into the art and science of writing, helping you hone your craft and express your ideas more effectively.