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On the Same Bittersweet Day

On the same bittersweet day

– by  Esther Muthoni Wafula –

pregnant woman

On the same bittersweet day
I gave each a name
And loved each alike.

On the same bittersweet day,
I rocked a crib
And commissioned a grave.

On the same frigid July day,
I cried for joy
And cried in grief.

On the same bittersweet day
I nursed a king
And buried a prophet.

– By Esther Muthoni Wafula for my beloved sons: David & Daniel

Artist’s Statement – Esther Muthoni Wafula

The above poem reflects on the day nearly 10 years ago when I delivered twin boys. One of the boys, David, lived. But his brother, Daniel, died at birth. It was difficult to know how to handle the ensuing emotions. On one hand, I was so happy that David lived. On the other hand, I had also lost a son.

For almost a decade, I was unable to grieve for Daniel. Poetry has helped me revisit the bittersweet day and grieve all these years later. I hope the poem can speak to others who have also lost babies or young children.

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About the Author – Esther Muthoni Wafula
Esther Muthoni Wafula - Esther Wafula

Esther Muthoni Wafula was born in Kenya in 1973. She holds a Master of Arts degree in Development Administration and Management from the University of Manchester, and has worked over the last 20 years in the humanitarian/non-profit sectors in Kenya, Mozambique, Angola and the United Kingdom. Esther currently lives in Kenya, working as an independent Monitoring and Evaluation specialist, monitoring donor funded projects. She is also pursuing a Master of Arts degree in Counseling Psychology from Daystar University in Nairobi. Esther is married and she is the mother of two young children.



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