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Marketing for Writers

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Storytelling in Marketing

It’s not enough anymore to just advertise facts; you have to tell a story. In the past, marketing was simple but our methods for communication have changed.

why infographics, writing infographics

Why Infographics?

Why Infographics?

why infographics, writing infographicsInfographics are the new trendy thing in content marketing. But do they work? Yes!

They work because over 65% of people are visual learners.Read More »Why Infographics?

Email Marketing System

Best Email Marketing System for Authors

– Choosing an Email Marketing System – In this article, I compare 8 email marketing systems geared towards small businesses and then tell you which email marketing system I ultimately chose for Dreamers Creative Writing. 3 important things Writers often set-up websites to promote their publications. Many even run small businesses, offering writing and editing services or promoting their writing… Read More »Best Email Marketing System for Authors