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I stumble out of the matatu taxi, struggle to hoist up my weighty backpack, and am immediately confronted by several people standing nearby under the leafy canopy of a large thorny acacia tree.

2024 Place and Home Contest Results

Congratulations to the winners of the Dreamers 2024 Place and Home Contest, based on the theme of migration, place & home.

Children of the Border

Arziki said, “I laid down in the desert with the dead bodies. I played dead so the men would leave me alone. It is not easy for me to do,” she said, smiling ear to ear.

Haiku Contest: Submit by May 31

Submit up to 3 haiku for your chance to win! The winner of this haiku contestwill receive $120 and publication in the Dreamers Magazine.

Pen Notebook Writing

Dreamers Writing Prompt Generator

Experience the power of simplicity with our unique writing prompt generator. Designed for writers who crave spontaneity and surprise, our tool delivers one meticulously crafted prompt at a time.