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Exploring Character Archetypes in Storytelling

In this article, we’re exploring character archetypes and their role in storytelling, with definitions, examples, and ways writers can rejuvenate these timeless templates to captivate modern audiences.

Writing Craft: Simple Steps to Improve

This comprehensive guide offers valuable insights into the art and science of writing, helping you hone your craft and express your ideas more effectively.

Top 25 Most Popular Manga Right Now

If you’re searching for the most popular Manga right now, this top 25 list is the ideal starting point, whether a beginner or enthusiast.

Affect vs. Effect: A Guide to Correct Usage

Few word pairs cause as much confusion as “affect” and “effect.” Despite their similar appearance and pronunciation (called a homonym), these words have different meanings and functions in sentences.

The Oxford Comma: A Little Mark with Big Impact

In the world of punctuation, where full stops end sentences and question marks make inquiries, there lies a tiny, often debated, and incredibly significant mark: the Oxford comma.

Poetry Contests

15 Annual Canadian Poetry Contests

In this article we’ve compiled a list of 15 annual poetry contests in Canada for emerging and established poets alike.

fiction contests

Writing Contests and Awards in Canada

Calling all Canadian fiction writers! Here are 13 upcoming short story contests by Canadian literary organizations. Most offer cash prizes.

35 Sublime Haiku Poems and Examples

Explore 35 sublime haiku poems with examples and guides. Discover the beauty of 5/7/5 haiku poems inspired by nature. Perfect for beginners!

Picture of an outdoor book fair set beneath mountains and fir trees, representing Canadian book festivals, 2024 literary events in Canada, Canadian authors and poets, and cultural festivals in Canada 2024.

50 Canadian Literary Festivals in 2024

This article offers authors, poets and readers a comprehensive guide to 50 literary festivals that celebrate Canadian literature, storytelling, and the arts.