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Contingency Daughter

“An impatient horn outside sends me running from the room, down the stairs, and into the star-filled night.”

Children of the Border

Arziki said, “I laid down in the desert with the dead bodies. I played dead so the men would leave me alone. It is not easy for me to do,” she said, smiling ear to ear.

The Roach

“I stare at the cockroach and am sure that it is my father. It’s got the same shifty eyes that he has – well, had.”

The Question Remains

“It’s always nice when the choices work for you. Yet, it’s still a bit of a Goldilocks quandary, now, isn’t it?”

On The Advice of the Bicycle Man

“His voice sounded barely louder than the swoosh of the passing cars, out of practice, a rough whisper.”

Anchors Up

“She stared out seemingly into the netherworld, and told you the tide was going out. You laughed at her hokey premonitions.”

Between the Blinds

“She stares down the street, impatiently waiting for the bus. I stare between the blinds, impatiently waiting for change.”

Saving Mrs. Feingold

“As I picked up the cold cream jar and turned it over, I noticed something unusual. There it was, plain as day.”

The Leaving

“Her battered suitcase bumped behind her down the cracked concrete stairs, over dung-brown leaves plastered to the pavement.”