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The Question Remains

“It’s always nice when the choices work for you. Yet, it’s still a bit of a Goldilocks quandary, now, isn’t it?”

Homemade Insanity

Homemade Insanity

“My sweet, forbidden, secret recipe. Doctors will call you bipolar disorder, but to me, you are life itself.”

On The Advice of the Bicycle Man

“His voice sounded barely louder than the swoosh of the passing cars, out of practice, a rough whisper.”

February 5th, 2019

“My family prefers to refer to it as “poisoning”, which I’ve struggled to come to terms with.”

Waking Up

“you hold your lavender latte in your puffy red cheeks and let the heat slowly down your throat”

Anchors Up

“She stared out seemingly into the netherworld, and told you the tide was going out. You laughed at her hokey premonitions.”

35 Sublime Haiku Poems and Examples

Explore 35 sublime haiku poems with examples and guides. Discover the beauty of 5/7/5 haiku poems inspired by nature. Perfect for beginners!