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Dreams are what we have left

“Days trickle like honey. Squirrels whiz and dig around drifts to find underground treasure.”

Results of the 2023 Dreamers Flash Contest

Congratulations to the winners of the 2023 Dreamers Flash Fiction and Nonfiction Contest. There were so many incredible stories this year!


“Jumping was the entire point, of course. V. had amassed the thorns to train the kittens by way of trauma.”


“If I just tried harder my brain would change the structure and would morph into a normal one.”

Between the Blinds

“She stares down the street, impatiently waiting for the bus. I stare between the blinds, impatiently waiting for change.”

Becoming Real

“once we sifted sand for seashell treasure over rushing water and storm-frothed waves….”

The Clock Ticks

“It is the sound of a house not shaped by uncertainty, bad decisions and poverty. It is the sound of a normal house.”

Saving Mrs. Feingold

“As I picked up the cold cream jar and turned it over, I noticed something unusual. There it was, plain as day.”