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Write About It

“Tell you about what, or rather, who was left behind—on the gravel road outside of my house…”

The Choy Lee 50

“On Aquidneck Island in Narragansett Bay, I picked up a little work as a bareboat skipper…”

The Calling

“Her eyes catch a medic alert necklace. On his right, she sees a rotary telephone, the handset firmly hooked…”

The Fourth Face of Eve

“My mother lifted me up to kiss my grandfather in his casket. I had never kissed my grandfather while he was alive…”

Dance While the Music Plays

“Many embraced vitriolic authoritarians, who blamed our problems on the easiest scapegoat available: the immigrant…”

Oh, Seroma

“The pillagers with their noisy knives, their silent radiation. You look like a moon crater with a shallow lake…”

Goodbye Dad

The hospital room is crowded with chairs, monitors, an IV and the startling noise of my father’s breathing…


“Like white linen butterflies, envelopes flew and fluttered with each passing car. Refugees on the asphalt…”

Stages of Grief

“Anger’s fierce light split the shell I wore, seared this grief-bruised brain, with fiery cleansing…”