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What if They’re Like Me?

“What if they’re free, getting the best parts of me, and the rest, even better. Pieces of their own making.”

Wess Mongo Jolley Poetry Collection

“Birds will peck apart my life, scraps blown like snowy leaves, blue-veined paper reduced to pulp by early winter rain.”

A.C. Yeboah Poetry Collection

“what if you never said sorry for taking up the space you hold, you no longer nursed your pain like a fever-high toddler.”

Dichotomy of a Dad

“She is the daughter who heard the news. Whose eyes began to well, but after eighteen years is all out of tears”

Maiden Dance

“One night is all it took, two people fall in a flash, one instant freezes the moment”

Cecily Ross Poetry Collection

“Still as a rock. Another shadow thundered over, And another and another until the very earth quaked.”

94 Timeless Love Poems for Every Heart

This collection of love poems spans a wide range of styles and periods, reflecting the diverse ways love has been contemplated and celebrated through the ages.

Waking Up

“you hold your lavender latte in your puffy red cheeks and let the heat slowly down your throat”