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Writer’s Choice

The Child Thief

“I am not the only one battling demons. We are the remains of the day. The longing and horror of despair.”

The Loneliness of Loss

“Her touch. Her tone. Comforts? Cajoles? I can’t translate the language they’re communicating.”

Contingency Daughter

“An impatient horn outside sends me running from the room, down the stairs, and into the star-filled night.”


I stumble out of the matatu taxi, struggle to hoist up my weighty backpack, and am immediately confronted by several people standing nearby under the leafy canopy of a large thorny acacia tree.

Children of the Border

Arziki said, “I laid down in the desert with the dead bodies. I played dead so the men would leave me alone. It is not easy for me to do,” she said, smiling ear to ear.


“Words were minced into morsels that she could spit across the room like outrageous profanities.”

Divided By One

“No one told us what we should do while doctors opened his ribcage and stopped his heart.”

Irish Exit

“For in that version, he had spared me a distant handshake. Spared me a goodbye. Left me the wide universe.”