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Calling all poets! Poetry Power, a craft book designed especially for poets of all writing-skill levels, is chock-full of real-world advice, poetry examples, and prompts. Here’s inspiration to turbo-charge your verse! Get your copy today at Amazon or, for signed copies, at https://www.etsy.com/shop/WritePathProductions. Two other craft books for writers, In a Flash! and Photography for Writers, are now available to spark your muse. For more information, visit: https://www.melaniedfaith.com/.

Pen Parentis Logo for Classified Ad

Trying to balance a writing career with the demands of family? So are we. We can help. Pen Parentis is a 501c3 literary nonprofit that has an ever-growing list of resources for writers who are also parents. We also host inspiring literary salons, meetups, and offer an annual writing fellowship. Visit us at penparentis.org – and remember our motto: parenting done, write!

Learn German a different way – through poetry!!  Use Gedichte aus Prairies of Possibilities: Deutsch und Englisch, a dual language selection (as the title says) of poems from Prairies of Possibilities.  Available now from Amazon. Collections of poems also available are the original Prairies of Possibilities, Ichnographical 173, and Praise the King of Glory. Soon, in print: Escape from Earth: the journal of a planetary pioneer, or Murder on Makana. Search book titles on Amazon!

The Words Aloud Festival hosts the best in spoken word from across Canada and beyond – presenting a captivating blend of storytelling, music, workshops and more! Follow @WordsAloudFest on your favourite social platforms and check our website (www.wordsaloud.ca) for festival information and updates.


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