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Haiku Contest: Submit by May 31

Enter our Haiku Contest by May 31 for your chance to win!
Deadline: May 31 (annual)

Submit up to 3 haiku per entry for your chance to win! The winner of this haiku contest will receive $120 ($100 prize + $20 honorarium), 2 copies of the Dreamers Magazine, and publication online and in print. 

Multiple entries by the same poet are allowed. Please complete the haiku contest form again for each additional entry. 3 haiku per entry.

The winning haiku will be published on as well as in the next issue of our magazine.

We will select up to 6 runners up (at the Editor’s sole discretion) that will be published online and in our magazine. Each runner-up will be paid our standard $20 CAD honorarium.

Submit your entry to the Dreamers Haiku Contest.

submit haiku contest

For examples of the form, check out our 2018 contest winners, 2019 contest winners, 2020 contest winners, 2021 contest winners, 2022 contest winners, and 2023 contest winners.

Magazine Page Showcasing Past Winners
Haiku Page Magazine Issue 1 - Haiku Contest Winners

Submit your entry to the Dreamers Haiku Contest.


*This article was originally published on May 23, 2018 and last updated on May 1, 2024.


Dreamers Creative Writing is dedicated to heartfelt writing in all its forms, from writing for writing’s sake, to using creative writing in academic research, to writing as therapy. The Dreamers Magazine and are filled with poems and stories from the heart, and the Dreamers Writing Farm offers writing retreats, self-directed residencies, writing workshops, and general accommodations.

We take our name from a lecture published in 1908, called “Creative Writers and Daydreaming” where Freud compared dreaming to art. He writes, “A piece of creative writing, like a daydream, is a continuation of … what was once the play of childhood.” Our name also has personal meaning for our Editor-in-Chief and Founder, Kat McNichol. When Kat was a teenager, her dad owned Dreamers Gallery, a small art gallery based in Lion’s Head, Ontario. Do you have a story to tell? Dreamers can help!