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Dreamers Magazine Issue 10

Dreamers Magazine Issue 10 is Now Available!

I have a distinct memory of my 10th birthday. As my mom and I walked around the grocery store, I talked nonstop about how excited I was to be 10. I kept saying, “I’m double digits now!” At the height of my mom’s shoulders, I felt grown-up and worldly. I often think of that birthday, my excitement, and the patience my mom showed as I said, “I’m double digits now” about a thousand times. She didn’t downplay my joy, didn’t give a world weary sigh – the kind of sigh I’m so familiar with now – she smiled and nodded and let me have my moment of grandeur. “Look, Mom, see how tall I am?” I said as I reached for the bread on the top shelf. “You’re a giant, honey,” she said with pride. If love is the measure of mothers, then my mom is the one who is giant.

Welcome to Issue 10 of the Dreamers magazine. Look, Mom, double digits! We’re growing up…

In this issue, you’ll find 3 nonfiction stories, 5 fiction stories, 2 autofiction stories, 6 poems, a book review, and an author interview. This issue is also packed with winners! Congratulations to the winners of our 2021 Flash Contest, and congratulations to the winner of the 2022 Pen Parentis Fellowship for New Parents.

On page 16, find our feature story, “Post-Mortem,” a tale of love found, lost, found and lost again. This is a story of survival in a wild world. You don’t want to miss it!

Dreamers is a heartfelt literary organization and writers retreat near Sauble Beach, Ontario, Canada. Our magazine is published tri-annually and sent to hundreds of subscribers across North America and Europe.

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