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Dreamers Magazine Issue 11 is Now Available!

Dreamers Magazine Issue 11 is Now Available!
Dreamers Magazine Issue 11 Editor’s Letter, Kat McNichol, Editor-in-Chief:

On February 24th, 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine in what Vladimir Putin called “a special military operation.” Despite Putin’s attempts to gaslight the world, we know war when we see it. As I write this, we are two weeks into the first major European war in decades. Whole families dead, killed in broad daylight on streets outside their homes. Residential apartment buildings brought to ruins by 21st century missiles. Gaunt eyes of scared children in subway station bomb shelters. Shell-shocked mothers walking for days through the ruins of their country pushing strollers that look identical to the strollers I pushed my own babies in just a few years ago.

Those mothers with their strollers, more than anything, have brought this war home to me. From the safe space that is my office, in my old farmhouse in small town Canada, I watch these images cross my screen and I wonder, how safe am I really? Ukraine is a democratic country, with regular people living their lives like I live my life. The citizens of Ukraine probably felt safe too, until they weren’t. A line from the story “Storms Above” by Janice Vis-Gitzel (page 26), keeps running through my thoughts: “How long does it take for the world to break?”

Thankfully, there are signs of hope amongst the horror that has so far been 2022. Those same ordinary Ukrainian citizens have demonstrated profound bravery and resilience as they fight for their families, their country, and their right to live freely and without fear. An interpreter chokes up as he translates Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s heroic speech to the European Parliament. An elderly Ukrainian stops a Russian tank with nothing but a pointed finger so she can lecture its occupants. A war correspondent pauses her live broadcast to help an exhausted Ukrainian up a flight of crumbling stairs. These are the images that give us hope in the face of this disaster.

Hope. As Ukrainian’s do everything they can to defend their right to peace, let’s send them our hope and support as best we can, however we can. And remember, never stop dreaming. We need our dreams now, more than ever.

Please enjoy Issue 11 of the Dreamers Magazine. Hopefully it brings you a bit of light in a dark time.

Dreamers Magazine Issue 11 features:
  • Daniel Warriner’s nonfiction story, “Alice n’ Lobsterland”, in which a boy comes to realize how powerless he is in a world beyond his control.
  • Melissa Kuipers’ nonfiction story, “The Joy of Anticipation.” Are you future phobic? How anticipating the future brings joy in the present…
  • The winner of the 2022 Dreamers Place & Home Contest, 6 nonfiction stories, 1 fiction story, 6 poems, and a book review.

Dreamers is a heartfelt literary organization and writers retreat near Sauble Beach, Ontario, Canada. Our magazine is published tri-annually and sent to hundreds of subscribers across North America and Europe.

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