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Dreamers Magazine Issue 2

Announcing Dreamers Magazine Issue 2!
Dreamers Magazine Issue 2

I’m pleased to announce the release of Issue 2 of the Dreamers Magazine.

In this issue you’ll find an exclusive interview with Steven Heighton, winner of the Governor General’s Award of Canada for Poetry. This issue also contains the winners from our “Stories of Migration, Place and Home” writing contest, plus a selection of poems and stories, and a list of 35 writing festivals in Canada.

We’re also happy to announce that we’ve reduced the price of our magazines from $12 to $10 per issue, and we’ve expanded our yearly subscription offering from 2 magazines per year to 3. All existing magazine subscribers will automatically receive 3 issues per year instead of 2 with no price increase.

We’ve also doubled the amount of content in this issue compared to issue 1, which means you can read twice as much at a lower cost per issue.

How to Get the Magazine

Are you a Dreamers magazine subscriber yet? If not, become one now and lock in a lower yearly price. You only need to subscribe once and your magazines will just keep coming and coming and coming!

You can also buy just issue 2 on its own. We have a digital edition and a print edition available. *The print edition is only available while supplies last!

To see all your options, visit the Dreamers Shop.

Sample Pages from Issue 2

*If you decide to make a purchase, then on behalf of the Dreamers team, thank you!

Kat McNichol
About the Author – Kat McNichol

Kat McNichol is the Editor-in-Chief of Dreamers Creative Writing and the Co-Editor for the Journal of Integrated Studies. She is also a Director of Marketing-Communications in Waterloo and has spent the past 15 years writing marketing copy for the high-tech industry. She holds a B.A. in English Literature, and an MAIS in Writing and New Media, and Literary Studies, and she is working on a PhD in Career Writing at the University of Tilburg in the Netherlands.

*This article was published on February 28, 2019.