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On December 29, 2017, Dreamers Creative Writing went live online. It was a quiet celebration. Launching a website can be a lonely endeavour. In the first week, I checked Google Analytics hourly and was excited to see Dreamers reach 100 total views within a few days. My goal was 10,000 views a month by the end of the first year. As an experienced marketer, I thought I knew what to expect, but, in its fifth month, Dreamers topped 30,000 views. It’s hard to describe the feeling of that number, of knowing that so many people who share my love of personal, meaningful writing exist in the world. Finding myself surrounded by a community of kindred spirits is a lovely feeling. Turns out, I’m not as alone as I thought! Thank you for being out there.

I believe we can learn a lot from sharing our lived experiences. That’s why Dreamers is dedicated to life writing in all its forms. Throughout human history, storytelling provided the thread that bound what was good in humanity together. But, when I look at contemporary life and culture, I can’t help but think that we’ve lost our way—we’ve dropped the threads of our story. We need to find methods for encouraging understanding and empathy across borders, cultures, environments and genders in order to reestablish the emotional connection that makes us who we are. Because, if what is happening now is a true reflection of our species, then what kind of future are we facing? We need to dream, write, speak and live a better story.

I am hoping you can support our efforts. Please consider becoming a Dreamers Magazine subscriber or by purchasing a single issue of the magazine. Many writers have poured their hearts onto our pages and all they ask in return is that someone, somewhere, read what they’ve written. Reading this magazine is a gift.

On behalf of my team, and all the Dreamers’ authors, thank you!

Kat McNichol


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