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Dreamers Writing Contest: Stories of Migration, Sense of Place and Home
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Dreamers as a term has come to represent undocumented immigrants who came to the US as children. Although Dreamers Creative Writing’s name has a different meaning and origin, this contest is intended to honour “Dreamers” as it applies to migration, and our sense of place and home.

Submit your stories of migration and/or your sense of place, of home or lack of, and your empathy to the plight of migrants around the world. Please feel free to interpret the theme of this contest in any way that is fitting for you personally, keeping in mind the overarching theme of Dreamers Creative Writing – that of heartfelt stories. You do not need to be a migrant to enter this contest, you only need to empathize with the theme in some way and have a heartfelt story to tell on the topic.

This contest is open to the world.

*Submit one piece per entry; enter as many times as you want however the entry fee is required for each piece submitted.


January 31 (annual)

Entry Fee:

$20.00 USD (approx. $25 CAD). Entry fee includes a 1 year electronic subscription for Dreamers Magazine.


The winning entry will receive $250 CAD, two copies of our magazine, and publication on www.dreamerswriting.com and in our winter/spring magazine. Up to 6 runners-up will also receive online publication and a $20 honorarium.

Guidelines and Terms:

*Published on September 2, 2018. Last updated on January 14, 2021.

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