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To be in the Summer **CONTEST WINNER**

Emi Miyaoka – To be in the Summer

Flower Japan Summer


シェイクスピア閉じて夏を志す ※Japanese

I closed poems of Shakespeare
And I made up my mind
To be in the summer


A ginkgo tree-
It was drawn vividly
In the sky


The recognition
Is swinging
Cherry blossoms
Are singing



First, thank you very much to Dreamers Creative Writing.

I learned biology at university because I was interested in nature and “living”.

Why are we living, what is life, and how should we live?

I am still in the middle of this long way. Shakespeare, and many poets (as well as scientists), can show us ways of living these days by their universal thinking.


Nature and mind are connected according to the Haiku worldview.

I try to weave my will into my Haiku.

My Haikus are a little conceptual and sensible, probably because I mainly write free verses in Japan.

However, Haiku and its rhythm are always in my life, as are Basho, Issa, and many contemporary Haiku writers.

I would be happy if, in the future, more people get to know about the beauty and the deep worldview of Haiku.

 – Emi Miyaoka


Biography:Emi Miyaoka - To be in the Summer
Emi Miyaoka / 宮岡絵美
Japanese poet.
Two Japanese poetry books published.
“Parallel Motion, Flying Cat’s Silence”
(music score for mixed chorus and piano
Played by Waseda university, Kobe-U, Doshisya-U etc.
Website –



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