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What I want the surgeon to know

– Poem by Guy Thorvaldsen –

Shoes walking
What I want the surgeon to know

is not included
in the pre-op interview,
where my life of pain has been reduced
to color-by-number shades:
a lavender 4 to get out of bed,
an orange 7 when driving,
a ten-fold flash of crimson to tie my shoes.

The real facts are how it hurts like hell
to not shoulder the weight
I have always carried in the world.
How I now miss the faces of friends
when they pass because my head is lowered
in mourning for the man who used to dance
down sidewalks.
How yesterday I woke up in a sweat
having dreamed of a paraplegic sea turtle,
its limp legs hanging
from a much too metaphorical shell.
How I am no longer able to raise my chin
to please my lover in the old way.

And how unhinged I feel when the shadow of a gull
or hawk or owl slides across
my increasingly narrow path,
and I cannot glance up
and over my shoulder in response,
to trace the mystery,
identify the source
of this dark and flickering light.

About the Author – Guy Thorvaldsen
Guy Thorvaldsen

Guy Thorvaldsen’s poetry has appeared in Alligator Juniper, Forge, Gulfstream, Magma 69, Zone, and  Poet Lore.  His first full-length book, Going to Miss Myself When I’m Gonecame out in October 2017 through Aldrich Press. He teaches writing at Madison Area Technical College in Madison, Wisconsin. He is also a journeyman carpenter, husband, dad, and contributing poet/essayist for community radio.

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