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Jessica MacLeod Poetry Collection

“Garden Wisdom” and “MC1R”

– Poetry by Jessica MacLeod –

Featured in issue 15 of Dreamers Magazine

Garden Wisdom

Don’t simply begin
by looking at your plots, your pots,
your fresh earth beds,
figuring how many seeds
to scatter or precisely place,
considering only their various
colours, textures, and sizes.

No, you must look ahead and
come to know
your mid-season effusion and beyond,
a row of basil, fragrant, verdant, and full,
loose, loamy hills of potatoes,
shady sunflower giants,
and delicate tendrils of peas,
eager and overrunning
their delicate rusted racks.
Yes, keep going. Keep looking.

Look right into a November evening.
See light over the dining room table
reflecting bright against black window panes.
Savor a stew of potatoes, carrots, onions, and more.
See the startling dark of boiling beets.
Can you hear the whispering skins of dried garlic and onions
as you tickle through them in the darkness of their box?

Now you dig in,
fingers into dirt.
Now you are ready.


my hair began
against the odds, in discomfort
under a glaring sun and
with burning flesh somewhere
in Africa or central Asia

my hair fled
and found solace in
cold, craggy landscapes with
grey skies, cold winds, and rough heather

my hair endures
and catches, perhaps impaling,
delicate snowflakes or jewel drops of rain
my wavy wires of strength woven in
an evolutionary genetic plot

my hair of the highlands and wildlands
coarse copper blazing like
Boudicca’s revenge,
a flame that draws from darkness
the moths of strangers’ looks
and words and exploring hands

my hair the muse
exciting, enticing, and inspiring
the boar bristle brushstrokes of Botticelli,
Titian, Rosetti, and Klimt

my hair that asks
am I your fear
or am I your fetish?
but knows the answer already

About the Author – Jessica MacLeod

Jessica MacLeod is a writer, editor, and book indexer loving life in rural eastern Ontario.

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