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Baby Make Like a Tree

Baby Make Like a Tree

– Poetry by Joanna Kurimsky – April 12, 2019

Poem: Make like a tree

want to
stick my fingers
between all of your leaves
i want to run my hands
over your knots ; step my bare feet onto
your roots ; sink against your trunk and
scratch my knees on the rough of your bark
i want to taste your sap ; get to know your owls
i want to know who has climbed you and how high
and where each of your seedlings has blown
a twist on the myth ; i’m not running from anything
i want to be turned into a tree beside you and never die
our limbs intertwined, have you grow around me
a staring
with no eyes

About the Author – Joanna Kurimsky
Joanna Kurimsky

Joanna Kurimsky is originally from New Jersey, where, despite the proximity of the sea, she experienced over a decade of writer’s block. Currently living in Portland, Oregon, she is finding her voice again. She finally bought a raincoat and expects it will significantly change her life. Joanna is a Pushcart Nominee whose work has appeared in theSame, and Cathexis NorthWest Press, and would like to acknowledge her creative buddies (past & present) at North Portland Spoken Word for their encouragement and mind melding. She can be found online at

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