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Dichotomy of a Dad

Dichotomy of a Dad

– Poetry by Karen Kerekes –

Featured in issue 16 of Dreamers Magazine.

he was a father
and a husband,
a son and a brother
an uncle, and a neighbor
a grandfather,
an alcoholic

is his first born
child, and
the daughter
who loved him

for he was the dad
who taught her
to ride a bike,
and smack a baseball
and throw a punch,
so no one
would ever get
the better of her

the dad who
stayed up late
until she was
home from her date
asleep, safe in her bed

and she is the
daughter who
would fetch her
dad a “cold one”
after he finished
cutting the grass
on hot summer days

and he was the dad
who would
quench his thirst
with an Export
each day
after work,
and who cried
to the core
the day
his youngest daughter
was diagnosed
with cancer

and she is
the daughter
who watched,
as her dad
lost his child
and then
his marriage,
while racking up
at the LCBO

the daughter
who tried
to assemble
the broken parts
of her dad
hoping she
could make him whole

but he was also
the dad who was
whose temper
scared her,

the dad who broke
her spirit and stood steadfast
while unleashing his rage
at the very mention
of it

the dad
who instead,
decided to drink
angry and alone
at home in his chair
as Christmases passed
and his grandchildren

and she is
the daughter who
heard the news,
and whose eyes
began to well
after eighteen years
is all out of tears,
and who is stubborn
and stands steadfast
to mourn him twice

for she,
his daughter

Karen Kerekes

About the Author – Karen Kerekes

Karen Lynn Kerekes is an educator who lives in Ontario, Canada. Recent publications include Oprelle Publications 2023 “Matter” Contest Finalist, Ravens Quoth Press, Dream 2 Anthology, Best of Collection, The Lawrence House Centre For The Arts – Uproar Literary Blog, Carmen Ziolkowski Poetry Contest winner, Consonant Lights Anthology, The Dissident Voice, The Lothlorien Poetry Journal, volumes 7, 9, 24, Dreamers Creative Writing, issue 9

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