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2023 Haiku Contest Winner

“day off” and “storm wash”

– Poetry by KL Johnston –

Featured in issue 15 of Dreamers Magazine and winner of our 2023 Haiku Contest!

day off

this book, some bug spray
comfortable bench in the shade
worlds overlapping

storm wash

new light reflecting
on ebb tide, storm wrack, pale foam
peace washing ashore

About the Author – KL Johnston
KL Johnston

K.L. Johnston is a poet and photographer whose work has appeared in numerous literary magazines, anthologies, and travel journals. She holds a degree in English and Communications from the University of South Carolina and her wide-ranging interests contribute to her writing and art. Happily retired from a career as an art and antiques dealer, she devotes her unscheduled time to writing and satisfying her curiosity about places and people. You can find out more by visiting her Facebook page “A Written World” or view her previously published photos at

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