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Kym Nacita Poetry Collection

Kym Nacita Poetry Collection

– Poetry by Kym Nacita –


I wish I could be more
whole for you
but pieces of me are scattered
across two nations
and sometimes
even standing still
feels like a betrayal
to the constant movement of our people.


steady the air between these lips
croon Sinatra songs
in the offkey tone of my father
and smile
sway my body like my mother used to.
I am, after all
the best parts of her
and the lessons from her worst mistakes.

dating to survive

lying in bed
I kiss his lips
trying to taste the ocean I was born into
but he is not home
not even close
there are others
who dig their hands inside me
some looking for a cure
a treasure
an amnesiac
a forever
and I let them with no promises
there isn’t anything for you to find there
I say
but they do not believe
say there is no way
a woman so full
could be so empty

About the Author – Kym Nacita
Kym	Nacita

Kym Nacita is a transplant to K’jipuktuk (Halifax) from Ontario/Alberta but always longs for her home of the Philippines. She has spent time organizing art shows and facilitating workshops to help other QTBIPOCs amplify their own voices and stories. She cooks for a living and writes to survive.

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