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The Worst Drunk Poem I’ve Ever Written

The Worst Drunk Poem I’ve Ever Written

– Poetry by Laura Mota – April 29, 2019

lemon gin and tonic

I found in the pocket
of the jeans I wore last night
a yellow note:
from the triple g&t
an obscene straw points to her.
one more mental romance.
the lemon was laying as a fetus in the glass.
I laughed
then took my phone
and booked an appointment
with a therapist.
it is time to talk about him.

Laura Mota
About the Author – Laura Mota

Laura Mota is a Brazilian writer and photographer based in Vancouver Island, Canada. Her poetry has appeared in Portal Magazine, and a collection of her poems in Brazilian-Portuguese, Pseudocasos, was published in 2018.

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