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Waking Up

Waking Up

– Poetry by MacKenzie Sewell –

Featured in issue 15 of Dreamers Magazine

your skin is slowly, coldly warming, your
laptop keys responsive
a trickle of water from your hair, reserved for your neck from
the walk in the rain
from a friend’s house
you hold your lavender latte in your puffy red cheeks and
let the heat slowly down your throat
waiting for a lover, carried on a bus, carried on the wind,
to enter and find you,
who has forgotten what the warm and the cold feels like
you are starting to remember, you wait,
tick-tick-ticking out some serifed words
that will wait in turn
to remind you again,
when the trickle of water falls on numb nerves,
what hope feels like.

About the Author – MacKenzie Sewell
MacKenzie Sewell

MacKenzie is a queer writer from Kamloops, BC. She is currently in Vancouver studying for her Masters degree in creative writing at UBC, where she focuses on poetry and young adult fiction. MacKenzie was the recipient of the Marg Van Dusen award in 2017 for her poem Grocery Store. In her spare time, she teaches creative writing to children and adults as a Fine Arts Instructor with the City of Burnaby, rereads her favourite books, and waters her ever-growing collection of plants. MacKenzie shares an apartment with two cats and one human.

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