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Magazine Issue 12 – Just Released

Magazine Issue 12 – Just Released
Dreamers Magazine Issue 12 Editor’s Letter, Kat McNichol, Editor-in-Chief:

I’m writing this letter with a sense of euphoria I’m not used to. The global news is, as usual, full of doom and gloom, but my personal happiness managed to eclipse the issues of the outside world, at least for a little while.

I got married!

On June 25th, in true literary style, Ryan Clark and I said our vows in our secret garden followed by a wonderland tea party at the Dreamers Writing Farm. Conscious of Covid risks, we held our wedding outside and with only a small number of close family and friends around us, and it was perfect. Finding joy despite the stress and pressures of a turbulent world is something to be celebrated.

In this issue of the Dreamers Magazine, you’ll find stories of sadness, but there are also moments of joy. Both teach us what it means to live, and love, in a scary world.

Congratulations to the winners of our 2022 Haiku Contest! The winning haiku by Elijah Kazlauskas, Gouri Prakash, and Kewayne Wadley, can be found on page 3. This issue also contains 3 featured stories (2 nonfiction, 1 fiction), as well as 2 flash stories (1 fiction, 1 autofiction), and a book review of Grace Lau’s rebellious poetry collection, The Language We Were Never Taught to Speak.

I hope you’ve been able to find your moments of joy these past few months. Make sure you celebrate those moments – they’re hard won! And remember, keep dreaming…

Dreamers Magazine Issue 12 features:
  • Sarah Milne-Flamer’s nonfiction article, “A Portrait of Madness”, about her experience while hospitalized on a psychiatric ward.
  • Cindy Dean-Morrison’s nonfiction article, “These Aren’t Poems,” about the healing and the many self-insights she found in her poem-a-day writing practice.
  • The winners of the 2022 Dreamers Haiku Contest, 2 nonfiction stories, 2 fiction stories, 1 autofiction story, 9 poems, and a book review.

Dreamers is a heartfelt literary organization and writers retreat near Sauble Beach, Ontario, Canada. Our magazine is published tri-annually and sent to hundreds of subscribers across North America and Europe.

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