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in the two hour sunset

in the two hour sunset

– Poetry by Olive Andrews –

Rear view mirror sunset

in the two hour sunset after the eight hour evening I become a goop puddle in your passenger seat. you play that song and I don’t know which words are coming next. each one hits me like sun glare, it hurts just not the way I’m expecting. it’s maybe a little nice. if you like it like this then I think we’ll be okay. if you know about these. if you feel it this way. I’m telling you I’m full of borrowed things, I’m telling you all of the oozes. all my love goes to the way the houses shine, and all the knobs on your body. in the dream last night you deflated me and folded me up back under your bed. in the two hour sunset I’m a beach pebble. in the eight hour evening I’m a migraine squeeze.

Olive Andrews
About the Author – Olive Andrews

Olive Andrews is from Ottawa, Ontario and is a poet and undergrad at Concordia University in creative writing. They are the 2018 recipient of the Gabriel Safdie award in poetry. Their work has previously been published in Plasma Dolphin, The Veg, Metatron Micrometa, and more. They live in Montreal, Quebec.

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