On Demand Writing to Heal Workshop

Introductory HEALING WRITING Workshop

Writing to Heal

People who routinely “write to heal” experience increased confidence, a sense of calm, and a deeper appreciation for the life they’re living.

Get unlimited access to all healing writing lessons, quizzes, and resources, plus 10 writing exercises for only $89 CAD (approx. $65 USD).


Approx. $65 USD

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This healing writing workshop introduces the theory and techniques behind writing to heal…

Do you want to learn how to reflect inwards and unlock what you keep hidden, even from yourself? Find out how expressive writing leads to deeper self-acceptance and healing.

In this healing writing workshop, you will be guided through a series of lessons and prompts designed to explore themes from your lived experience.

Using writing as a way to examine emotional truths, you will:

Learn techniques for restorying self.

Explore approaches to self-reflexive writing.

Understand how writing is used for healing.

Lessons, Quizzes, and Writing Resources + 10 Writing Exercises

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What others are saying about our healing writing workshops…

Kat presents a clear and concise method of tapping into creative energy. She is engaging and informed. The workshop was well organized and profoundly moving.

pen in a heart representing healing writing workshop.
Marie Struthers

Workshop Student

Kat is a great teacher and workshop facilitator. She brings both energy and calm to the learning process while modeling how to interact with other writers in ways that value our words and writing journeys.

pen in a heart representing healing writing workshop.
Sandy Bassie

Workshop Student

Extraordinary and highly recommended.

pen in a heart representing healing writing workshop.
Amela Hajdarevic

Magazine Subscriber

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