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On the North Shore

On the North Shore

– Poetry by Penny Ferguson –

Penny Ferguson

Strolling along the shore
cares are pulled from me by the tide
as it slips out
like silk over earth’s bronzed thigh.

A flock of shore birds seduces the waves
pursuing until the water turns,
then fleeing,
only to turn,
and flee
again, and again, and again….

The sensual wetness
of the sand beneath my feet
is balm to my seared soul.

The siren song of waves beckons
enticing me to cast my cares
upon the waters.

With the gentleness of a lover
the fragrant breeze traces my face,
sighs along the nape of my neck.

I part lips, taste the sea salt.
Within, it stirs something intangible,
a latent memory of contentment,
as I surrender to the shore.

About the Author – Penny Ferguson

Penny L. Ferguson has two published poetry collections, Clarity That Is Darkness (Borealis Press, 2003) and Runaway Suite: Two Voices (Hidden
Brook Press, 1997). Her work is published, performed and recorded in Canada, the US and England in The New Quarterly, Room of One’s Own, The
Antigonish Review, The Pottersfield Portfolio, Canadian Author, Minus Tides, The Nashwaak Review, Tulane Review, The Gentle Reader, Braquemard, etc.1990-1993 She served as Writer‑in‑Residence at the NS Teachers College. She was a co‑founder/editor of The Amethyst Review and is a member of the Writer’s Council of the WFNS. She has been vice-president of the CPA.

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