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Dreamers Reading Room

The Bar Mitzvah Boy

“Seemingly frozen, Jerry now stood up ramrod straight on the bimah, wondering why some of his ideas had abandoned him.”


“You don’t realize the extent that you loved until it’s gone but I’m removing the -ed because I still love you.”

What We Lost

“A homesickness for a home to which you cannot return; the nostalgia, yearning, grief for the lost places of your past.”

Rumi poetry, a tranquil scene of a person spinning in the fields.

Rumi: The Poet of the Heart

Rumi, a name that resonates through centuries, is a 13th-century Persian poet whose works transcend borders and beliefs.

Heather Wishik Poetry Collection

“My vertebrae, sternum, right pelvis. Someday I too will bend, be unable to stand, sway, dance in the breeze.”

What if They’re Like Me?

“What if they’re free, getting the best parts of me, and the rest, even better. Pieces of their own making.”