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Dreamers Reading Room

Dichotomy of a Dad

“She is the daughter who heard the news. Whose eyes began to well, but after eighteen years is all out of tears”

Divided By One

“No one told us what we should do while doctors opened his ribcage and stopped his heart.”

Semi-Colon vs. Colon: Understanding the Difference

The semi-colon and the colon are more than marks on a page; they’re crucial tools in the craft of writing. In this article, we break down the rules for each, showing how to use them effectively in various writing contexts.

Maiden Dance

“One night is all it took, two people fall in a flash, one instant freezes the moment”

12 Facebook Marketing Tips for Authors: Creating an Engaging Author Page

Facebook marketing for authors can be likened to creating a welcoming corner in a bustling coffee shop. This space, your author Facebook page, becomes a familiar and inviting spot where you can display your literary works and engage directly with your audience.

Irish Exit

“For in that version, he had spared me a distant handshake. Spared me a goodbye. Left me the wide universe.”