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Results of the 2022 Dreamers Flash Contest

Results of the 2022 Dreamers Flash Contest
2022 Flash Contest represented by a dark sky with flashes of lightning hitting the ground.

Congratulations to the winners of the 2022 Dreamers Flash Fiction and Nonfiction Contest.

We get excited every year about this contest. The stories we get are always amazing. Last year, nonfiction stories took all the winning spots. This year, it was the opposite, with fiction stories taking the highest honours!

Comments from the judge:

Congratulations to Lailani Kenoly, Erika Seshadri, and Noah Evan Wilson.

Here are the 2022 results:
First Place:

There is Something in the Mirror
Fiction by Lailani Kenoly

Comments from the judge: Overall, I found it amazing. It rang so darn true, from the heart, a great example of the ‘flash’ genre. Most of all, I was spell-bound and had to read it over and over again.

There are those who came before and fell at my sight. They reveled at my words that were not my words, they built me a pedestal, and fawned at my carving. I dare not move from the position they placed me in…

Second Place:

Your Every Breath
Fiction by Erika Seshadri

Comments from the judge: A very touching little story, well and simply told, with a bittersweet ending that was finally wonderful.

I expected to feel something with his words, yet there was nothing. Over the past three years I’d been numbed by time. Numbed by scars. Numbed by watching someone I loved slowly die.

Third Place:

The Last Shift
Fiction by Noah Evan Wilson

Comments from the judge: The wonder of it, the validation of the possibility that in the most mundane place and act – washing dishes in a restaurant – magic can happen. Meghan was clearly there in Clara’s lucid dream. And as a ‘flash’ story should, it caught the moment.

Meghan talking of escape: from her suffocating marriage, this job, this town. How she sometimes glimpses freedom, biking home in the cool night air, but only ever feels truly free lucid dreaming.

Congratulations to all the winners, and thank you to everyone who entered the contest!

Our 2023 Flash Fiction and Nonfiction Contest is now open for submissions! Submit your flash story of between 300 and 1000 words by September 30, 2022, for your chance to win $150 and publication in the Dreamers Magazine.

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