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In Time I’ll Thank Shamon

In Time I’ll Thank Shamon

– Poetry by Shamon Williams – July 28, 2018 – 

After Ocean Vuong

mountain pathShamon, don’t give up.
The stones are already in place,
we merely need to step—
One at a time. Don’t slip. Your shadow
is only your low-hanging cape.
Onto it, sew your doubts.
They’re meant to trail behind you,
not weigh down your crown.
Shamon, you paying attention?
The loveliest part
of your body is your reflection.
Here’s your insecurities
pieced together like a shattered mirror.
Call it a portal, step into it.
Here’s our day. Reach. I
promise your toes will touch
the next smooth, damp stone.
Shamon. Shamon, stop worrying.
The loveliest part of your body
are your markings,
caramel zigzags hiking across
your hips and busty mounds like
the stripes of a zebra,
scars from scratching rashes bloody,
blemishes from a razor dragging
the wrong way, gnarly gashes
from falling off that bike and sliding 15 feet
on sparkly pavement. . .
Here mark the signs
that you have lived.


Artist Statement – Shamon Williams

I hated myself for a long while. I hated the inner and outer versions of myself. The insecurities and doubts just ate away at me. I would stress myself out between full time college, a full time job, extra-curriculars, trying to break out in the creative industry and trying to maintain a social life. If I failed at something, it was confirmation that I should hate myself more. After pushing myself to my limit one day, I stopped to think about why I was doing what I was doing and why I was treating myself this way. It was a foolish and destructive way to live. My only enemy was me.

I’ve been working on loving myself and so far, its going great. Now, I’m taking the time to do a self check-in at least a few times a week. I don’t think enough people take the time to really sit down and take care of themselves. Writing is my therapy. Writing is my self check-in.

I wrote this poem as a physical and visual reminder that this is an uphill battle and once I finally reach the top, I’ll thank myself. It’s not an easy journey learning to love ourselves, but if we just take things one day at a time, one goal at a time, everything will be alright.


Shamon WilliamsAbout the Author – Shamon Williams

Shamon Williams is an African American student at the University of Central Florida pursing a BS in psychology and a BA in English. When she isn’t working, writing or taking her 12th catnap of the day, she partakes in acting, modeling, research, aerial dance or video games. She strives to become a bestselling novelist and/or Oscar award winning actress. She is currently working on a fiction novel and a children’s book. Shamon Williams’ work has also been published in The Cypress Dome.



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