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Dreams are what we have left

Dreams are what we have left

– Poetry by Siobhan Farrell –

Featured in issue 15 of Dreamers Magazine

Time has mutated
like lichen
on uneven patches of rock,
takes space in cupboards,
with Ritz crackers and old Brie
in the back of the fridge.

Snow windblown whirls
in wanton piles,
crows duel with squirrels
that whiz under trees
around drifts, covering their tracks,
digging to find
underground treasure.

Dusk has turned
moody, spun its’ own version
of darkness.

Days trickle like honey
crystallize into
far-off tomorrows.

late afternoon, I believe
I sip tea with Mum
Dolly Parton, Virginia Woolf
and a team of exhausted
mountain climbers who
somehow made it to the top
no matter what.

Bundled closely,
we inhale the sweet fragrance
of petals, steam rising
from our cups filled
with a perfect blend of jasmine tea.

About the Author – Siobhan Farrell
Siobhan Farrell

Siobhan Farrell lives in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada on the north shore of Lake Superior. Her poetry has been published in Northwestern Ontario Writing Workshop Litfest, winning first prize twice, and placing in both poetry and creative-non fiction. Other published works include the Prairie Journal of Canadian Literature, The Walleye, LAIR (Lakehead Arts Integrated Research Gallery) and Blank Spaces. Siobhan likes to infuse her writing with Wabi Sabi,, a Japanese term which essentially means finding beauty of imperfection; in both our lives and the environment in which we live.

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