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before whisky after jazz

before whisky after jazz

– Poems by Siobhan Tebbs – June 10, 2018 – 

Smooth Horseback and Plenty

horses in fog


after the toe-teasing whisky whipping

morning jazz beach-kissing i wanted us to shift

to the centre of our sun i found a





none of her ropes could hold it together skirts

hitched the jump still too risky i had tramped bright

rainbow-coloured paths





down flat around my ankles they were handy

only as landmarks now when i loved another

she could not see why i could not





while bales of laughter joyed me whole

before whisky after jazz in fact around dawn

raucous and safely wrapped under





fences bordered her field i could be in that

box or another box but not have my rainbow-

paths not stamp away




stomach in knots i harvested the eye-sparkle

for a minute then i walked away she had

told me how i should


love it was not by surfing a dry-stone wall

watching every single sparrow


rejoicing in each for its own streaks and song

her eyes followed me over the threshold i

crossed it so she filed me away i am

reaped i do not lie fallow


she labelled me ‘heartbreak’

it is only a scarecrow in her

box i escaped

long ago look at me

dancing on haystacks


breathing deep down in my



of smooth

horseback and plenty



Vintage radios


Background could fill our days

Intermittent, faltering chaff


Like the stereo grumbling from a top-floor window

Someone yelling, that last resort of ‘love’


Downstairs, a drilling that could trip the fuse box

The click clack of overpowered knitting in hipster-homes


Somewhere, a missile squealing through the sky

The crack of a volatile diplomatic accord


Magic, the intangible, the electromagnetic

Agnosticism, rich as the greyest of greys.






Bracelets seem as though we had been making them:

Smothering wire and tiny stones, altering outcomes,

Batting away flies. Safety lies in such focus. Twisting

Transience into silent braids; naming every child;

Blackmailing beaded misfits into shape. We’ll die

Surburbanites, tied to inborn courtship of our trades.


Siobhan TebbsAbout the Author – Siobhan Tebbs

Siobhan Tebbs is a poet, spoken word artist and fiction writer living in Barcelona and originally from Cheshire, UK. Her work has been published in The Fem lit magazine and featured on WordPress Discover. Her blog is at

Photo credit: Daria Petrillo


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