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Events & Retreats

Picture of an outdoor book fair set beneath mountains and fir trees, representing Canadian book festivals, 2024 literary events in Canada, Canadian authors and poets, and cultural festivals in Canada 2024.

50 Canadian Literary Festivals in 2024

This article offers authors, poets and readers a comprehensive guide to 50 literary festivals that celebrate Canadian literature, storytelling, and the arts.

On Demand Writing to Heal Workshop

In this healing writing workshop, you will be guided through a series of lessons and prompts designed to explore themes from your lived experience.

Writing to Heal Workshop On Demand

Dreamers Writing is hosting a Writing to Heal online workshop series. Each workshop has a unique theme & they don’t need to be done in order.

Exotic Writing Retreats

6 Reasons Why an Exotic Writing Retreat Should Be Your Next Dream VacationPlus – Our Top Picks for Your Stay Exotic Writing Retreats, an article by Rochelle Angyal For the majority of my adult life, I’ve been dreaming about two things: travelling the world and finally writing that novel. These two dreams have always been at odds with each other,… Read More »Exotic Writing Retreats

Writing Retreats

17 Writing Retreats in Canada

Check out these 15 writing retreats happening across Canada in 2018. Relax and recharge while working on something that’s important to you!