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Nicole Farmer Poetry Collection

I want to understand humanity, but I can make no sense of this. This timeless tragedy plays out again and again…

Cat Remembers Being Young

Today I tap my tail against a dandelion while admiring my ageless shadow

K. L. Johnston Poetry Collection

When you slipped away and their last murmuring prayers failed, when your glorious voice was forgotten in sorrow…

On Saturday

I briefly had a crush on the doctor who administered my vaccine. It was the elixir of biceps and hope.

Never Forget

Never forget the terrible speed of birds skirting on top of green water. The earth’s rotation unseen through sunglasses.

Ode to Tiresome Machismo

Pink sweaters sometimes bring strange weather here. Normativity is a macho badge, I am a growing symbol of myself.

Frances Koziar Poetry Collection

Behind me like a waterfall, parting: for one moment, I glimpsed you beneath the lies and the masks and the violence.

Melrose Place

In harmony, in love
Though all things end
Even if it’s lightning in a bottle