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translate my heart

translate my heart

– Poetry by Suzanne Eaton –

you’re waiting for me to express myself
but my tongue is tied in a sailor’s knot.
I look into your sonant eyes and sigh.
I need to tell you that you own my heartbeat
and life has no meaning without you,
but the words won’t unfold in my mouth.
you wait for me to articulate
but my soul trembles and my throat is bound.
is there an app, a program—a technology
to transpose feelings into words?
is there a cryptographer anywhere that can
translate my heart?

–he’d tell you that you are the center
of my existence, you light my eyes;
you give me breath and pulse.

–he’d tell you that I am completely
entranced, devoted to the emerging
“us-ness” that joins our hearts
and weaves two lone paths into one.

between your wistful kisses,
I ache to whisper the fullness of my heart,
but can’t decode it swift enough to speak.
it’s a foreign language I cannot utter.
I want to download this crescive awareness
from my mind to yours.
is there a translator to give voice to my soul?
where is the tutor of sweet nothing’s
whispered through passion’s embrace?
help me find the elegant starlet
who sings of love divine
or the majestic orator who’s eloquence
speaks adoration in every word.
you offer me your heart song, your being.
you look to me to reciprocate.

how can I break love’s epic sound barrier
to reflect the affection deep inside?
how can I liberate my tongue and begin
to translate my heart
using mere words?

About the Author – Suzanne Eaton
Suzanne Eaton

Suzanne S. Eaton is an author and marketing consultant. She has written corporate stories, customer profiles, promotional copy, and content for magazines. She writes fervidly about life, love, health, relationships and the human family. Most recently, Writer Shed Stories, Seaborne Magazine, The Purpled Nail, The Silent World in Her Vase, Scarlet Leaf Review, Rue Scribe, eris & erosWriting in a Woman’s Voice, and The Elevation Review have selected her work for publication. 

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